Chameleon Case Study

Feb 7, 2022 | Case Studies

Industry:  Contact Centre


Chameleon Customer Contact , an Australian – owned , customer contact and outsourcing specialist, established in 2011 by a group of experienced merchandising and marketing industry leaders.  

The challenge  

Chameleon had been using their previous supplier of Contact Centre Software and Voice for several years. Although generally happy with the system there was a huge pain point when it came to billing. The previous supplier’s billing system and pricing model was too complicated to suit Chameleon’s business needs.

Chameleon were sticking with their existing provider as they initially did not want the upheaval of changing to another solution.

With a very experienced management team, Chameleon were cautious about changing supplier. They understood the consequences if they made the wrong choice. For this reason, they were very thorough in their selection process.

The solution 

C9 Communications  were able to offer Chameleon a free trial of our contact centre solution . This allowed them to use the system and make a true appraisal of it before committing to the change. After a few days Chameleon were sure they had a quality system available. They were impressed with our contact centre and Sip Trunk solution and  mainly for the following reasons:

  • Quick response from initial enquiry
  • Excellent initial web demonstration
  • Open & honest sales process
  • Extra time spent showing more details after initial demo.
  • Follow up in person before the on-boarding stage

From the very first meeting and demonstration, Chameleon were extremely impressed with our Contact Centre solution. They had several questions and concerns during the decision-making period and wanted to ensure that our solution was going to satisfy their needs. These queries were answered competently by the C9 Communications’s team, this gave Chameleon the confidence that they were making the correct decision.

C9 Communications  sent a member of the support team and the software vendor to site for go-live day. Although Chameleon had been trained on the system, this gave them peace of mind that they had a knowledgeable contact there to help with any questions.

During the pandemic , our flexible solution allowed Chameleon staff to work remotely across Australia and New Zealand. 

The result 

Chameleon have settled in to using C9 Communications Contact Centre Solution  and have experienced 100% uptime of the service. They have inbound and outbound campaigns running in Australia and New Zealand.

Although the solution is  backed by excellent onshore support , they have also been fully trained on the solution so they can make changes themselves. 

C9 Communications Contact Centre Solution  has a series of out of the box standard reports which, virtually provided Chameleon with every stat they needed. After a few weeks, a couple of custom reports were built and Chameleon now have everything they need.

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