Fixed wireless technology with super-fast speeds

A lot has changed in recent years—fixed wireless technology has evolved exponentially, making it as fast and reliable, if not faster and more reliable than some other types of broadband services. It’s easy and affordable to install, not to mention super-generous—forget the restrictive data caps of old associated with the service.

At C9 Communications we offer direct fibre and hybrid broadband technology via unlimited internet plans, taking out the worry of exceeding data quotas, and giving you super-fast speeds when uploading and downloading—crucial to next generation businesses.

We deliver faster speeds and unlimited data.

Using the latest in wireless technology, we deliver faster speeds and unlimited data. We have partnered up with several of Australia’s best-known providers to utilise direct fibre and hybrid 5G fixed wireless fibre broadband technology along with clever engineering to provide a faster nbn™ alternative.

Why Choose C9 Fixed Wireless

In conjunction with our trusted service partners, we can find your business fixed wireless plans right for your business, no matter the size or complexity. We’re your accredited business nbn™ ICT partner.

We’re your accredited business nbn™ ICT partner

nbn™ Fixed Wireless internet utilises data transmitted over radio signals from a transmission tower, to an nbn™ outdoor antenna connected to an indoor nbn™ connection.

We’ll be with you every
step of the way

Get in touch today with one of our dedicated technical associates to guide you through what fixed wireless is all about, options for your business, and assess your area’s eligibility. Not only that, but when on your fixed wireless plans, we’ll be with you every step of the way, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

It’s what makes us different.

It’s all part of the service.

Fixed Wireless

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five stars

C9 has provided us with great product techology, IT consultation and advice that has lifted our telecommunications and network capabilities beyond our expectations. We continue to experience great service and support knowing that we are valued and important as customers of C9.

Zoran Radevski