Designed for your unique business needs

At C9 Communications, we are setting a new benchmark for premium support and bespoke storage and backup solutions.

It’s not a new concept, but we’ve reimagined it for these fast-paced times we live in. BaaS (Backup as a Service) are storage and backup solutions redefined—designed for your unique business needs.

Cutting-edge backup technology from Veeam

Our industry-first service combines a secure cloud-based storage repository with cutting-edge backup technology from Veeam to deliver an offsite backup service that is fast, scalable and incredibly cost-effective. Through our enterprise-class network, get backups offsite quickly and recover virtual machines and files back to your production site instantly.

Why choose BaaS from C9 Communications?

Ensure Backup Performance

Our cloud and connectivity experts work with you to design perfect storage and backup solutions. We will determine the right connectivity solutions and ensure all users are unaffected during backups.

Cost &

Replicating your data in the cloud means you only pay for the resources you need. Our flexible service allows you to scale up or down based on your data requirements effortlessly, with Veeam’s Cloud Connect™ technology giving you complete control over the process.

Safe, Secure
& Reliable

C9 Communication’s BaaS is secure, reliable and easy to use. It replaces the need to build and maintain offsite backup solutions, and its Australian geolocation means that it adheres to the most stringent data retention policies.

Premium Service
& Support

Choosing us means choosing our best-in-class service and up-to-date technical experience in building and maintaining networking and connectivity solutions. Our bespoke solutions, built to your exact requirements, will ensure that data backup never impacts your daily business activity.

BaaS. It’s another go-the-extra-mile service we’re providing to you as part of the next generation of internet service providers in Australia.

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Customer Stories

five stars

C9 has provided us with great product techology, IT consultation and advice that has lifted our telecommunications and network capabilities beyond our expectations. We continue to experience great service and support knowing that we are valued and important as customers of C9.

Zoran Radevski