We make printing easy and effortless for offices in Australia

We get it—office printing can be a challenging and time-consuming exercise, using up time better spent on taking your business to the next level. 

C9 is ready to assist your busy organisation by setting up and managing your print infrastructure in a way that’s innovative, effortless and cost-reducing, and meets your business goals. And we’re not locked down by vendors either, meaning you’ll get the solution that works for you.

With a personalised solution for Australian-based facilities, our local team offer unwavering service and support and guarantee we’ll only charge you for the devices and consumables your teams use. So if you’re looking to reduce overall spend, integrate smarter printing technology, automate workflows or a combination of all, C9 will work with you to understand and deliver on your business requirements.

Print solutions for every business size and scale

Small Business

(2-12 employees)

Medium or Large Business

(20-100 employees)

Corporate or Enterprise

(100+ employees)

Our Services

Cutting-edge hardware—supplying printers, photocopiers & related tech
Complete document management & workflow initiatives
Premium on-site & remote print support
Remote monitoring for continuous improvement, up-time & cost saving
Strict & robust data disposal in line with privacy regulations
Recycling & disposal of toner cartridges & print consumables

Book your obligation free quote today

It’s important to get good advice before you begin to make improvements and take control. That’s why at C9, we’re happy to give you an obligation-free quote to see how we can help get your teams up and running with their printing needs.

We’ll work with you to understand what you’re printing, how much you rely on printing, your current spending on print-related products, where we can improve regulatory compliance and print security, as well as expenditure.

With a free discovery session, you’ll find out how we can help you achieve a fully managed print environment with complete control and cost-efficiency.

Smarter printing for Aussie offices thanks to advanced functionality

Swipe to Release

Print from any device to any printer and swipe ID to release, meaning sensitive documents are only ever printed on-demand, keeping confidential information safe.

Automated Fulfilment

Need more toner or paper? We’ve got you covered with automated consumable ordering, so you’ll never need to worry again.

Cost Centre Reporting

Take complete power over your costs with real-time cost reporting and robust cost-centre allocation.

Next-level Security

The security and protection of your businesses’ data are paramount. We give you advanced user controls, device protection, and ongoing user training.

Secure printing for peace of mind

C9 Communications’ secure and optimised print solutions ensure complete visibility over your IT infrastructure, user print behaviour and staff access rights. 

With a secure print system, you can continually monitor and report user behaviours and settings, printers used most often, as well as having the confidence that your sensitive documents and corporate information are safe. Our leading Swipe and Release system requires users to identify themselves with their staff security passes on any connected printing device before printing any documents. The result? No more sensitive corporate information is left sitting around in printer trays.

We lock down sensitive data with these key print safety measures

Key Cards

Key Fobs

Key Codes


Are you ready to reduce your office printing costs?

There’s no better time to start than now

Gain more control over your printing costs with C9 Communications’ market-leading print management solutions. With full Melbourne-based support and expertise, let us guide you through your print operations as we discover the best ways to reduce spend while gaining full visibility over your print transactions. 

We assist by calculating a fixed rate per print, giving you greater cost control and the ability to start making budget-friendly decisions. You can prepare for and allocate annual office printing costs simply and accurately by knowing your exact costs.

But that’s not all. Our simple invoicing system allows easy accounting, with itemised device usage and costs per cycle and by date.

Why choose C9 for Managed Print Services?

We’re your print partner

Our customers are everything, so you’ll be hearing from us! And we treat your print devices like our own, keeping them serviced, well-stocked and operational at all times.

No vendor lock-in

We don’t have brand ties, which gives you, and us, greater freedoms when finding your office the most reliable and affordable office printing solution.

We’re proactive

Our experienced tech and support staff continuously monitor all managed print solutions for better efficiency and to drive maximum cost savings for you.

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Customer Stories

five stars

C9 has provided us with great product techology, IT consultation and advice that has lifted our telecommunications and network capabilities beyond our expectations. We continue to experience great service and support knowing that we are valued and important as customers of C9.

Zoran Radevski