Greater flexibility to engage with customers

Contact centres need to handle much more than phone calls and so do your customers. A simple phone system is limited—you need to be ready to respond in real-time on your customers’ channels of choice—via your website, social media channels, or app.

C9’s next-level Omni Channel Solution

Using the latest technology and responsive software, C9’s Omni Channel Solution allows your contact centre team to interact with your customer’s channel of choice while having full access to their interaction history and preferences.

A true converged system, we roll a suite of different interaction channels into one manageable solution, avoiding crossed wires, miscommunication and multiple suppliers. Our omni channel system integrates everything seamlessly, reducing management time, complexity and costs.

Say goodbye to dipping customer satisfaction levels, exhausted budgets and staff and hello to increased efficiencies, productivity and a stellar customer experience.

Transform your business with tailored future-ready contact centre solutions

With C9, you can choose the channels, software and scale that’s right for your business. With a dedicated consultant, we’ll work with you to define a programmable, customisable solution from the choice of these essentials:
Workforce Management



Contact Centre solution features to love:

Specific agent
New starters? No problems. Our Omni Channel Contact Centre Solutions enable instant routing to the nearest expert or account manager on all channels.
Last agent
Enhance the customer experience by providing seamless continuity with last agent interaction redirection.
Effortlessly switch between interactions
Super-fast and reliable omni channel connectivity means switching between interactions and channels in an instant.

Switch between interactions

Agents can seamlessly switch between interactions, for example moving from a web chat to a voice call.

Faster resolution

Allow customers to contact your company via their preferred line of communication and increase first contact resolution.

interactions fast
Increase first contact resolution by letting your customers choose their preferred channel.
Optimise contact centre productivity
Our easy-to-use agent interface gives consistency with a single platform to learn across multiple channels and interactions at once.

Live Chat

Customers demand responsiveness, and with customisable chat software, you can connect them to subject experts, help topics, wider discussions, forms, reports and more, any time.

Harness the power of data and analytics with C9

Gain important insights through intelligent, accurate and customisable reporting across all channels. Have all the tools you need to engage your workforce and continuously improve through multi-channel recording, quality assurance testing, workflow analysis, scripting, workflows and more. Don’t forget you’ll receive C9’s full and ongoing support from migration to operation and advanced alert technology, so you’ll never miss a thing.

Payments 24/7, 365 days a year

Collect payments through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems anytime, thanks to secure hosting from Microsoft Azure, giving your customers greater flexibility.

Infinite Integration Capabilities

Our Omni Channel Contact Centre Solution easily connects to your CRM and company software, like Salesforce, Teams, Dynamics, Zendesk, Power BI, ServiceNow and Yellowfin, as well as to payments and speech analytics. Integrating with any CRM through our CRM SDK, you’ll get access to CRM accounts, contacts, leads, Caller ID detection, call logs and recording and, of course, unwavering support from our dedicated voice technicians.
Reach more customers proactively through designated dialling modes—predictive, power, or preview, and run targeted effective campaigns for maximum ROI.
Workforce management
Have all the tools you need to engage your workforce and continuously improve through multi-channel recording, quality assurance testing, workflow analysis and more.

Reporting and analytics

Gain important insights through intelligent, accurate and customisable reporting across all channels.

Business communications

Ensure collaboration and equip people outside of the contact centre with communications tools.
Through the power of the cloud and AI, we’ll help you create and improve every customer interaction across marketing, sales and service on any channel. From call routing and IVR to email, chat, social media, messaging, screen share, self-service options, workforce optimisation, and analytics.

Other contact centre communications providers often don’t give you the advice, service and troubleshooting assistance you’d like. With C9 Communications, we’re different. We’re setting new industry benchmarks for premium support—we’re the next generation of IT service providers.

Increase your sales performance and boost customer satisfaction

Our contact and call centres software allows your team to make it personal—with all relevant information and insights at their fingertips. All the essentials you need in one interface make it possible.

Programmable & customisable

Feature-rich dashboards allow you to set permissions and analyse your outputs effectively, creating the best user experience possible.

Never miss a thing

Advanced alert technology keeps you informed, so you never miss a thing.

Scripting & documentation

Make onboarding and troubleshooting easy, thanks to powerful scripting, workflow and payment automation capabilities.


Set up custom campaigns and dynamic targeting to capture data and drive performance.


Protect data and interaction access through granular-level permissions, keeping information safe and secure. 

Reporting & Analytics

Business analytics and intelligent reporting capabilities give you the power to scale up, take action and make the right business decisions

As Australia’s most dedicated contact center solutions specialist we offer:

  • Flexible and cost-effective cloud-based contact centre solutions to scale
  • Bespoke contact centre solutions tailored to your business needs
  • Enhanced operations and ROI with tightly integrated systems
  • Programmable and customisable dashboards
  • Intelligent inbound call routing
  • IVR to email, chat, messaging, screen share capabilities and more
  • Crystal-clear calls that connect every time
  • Easy onboarding and troubleshooting
  • Full and ongoing support from migration to operation

Total Contact Centre Solutions for Key Industries

Business Process Outsourcing
Fundraising & Not For Profit


Debt Collection

With total contact centre solutions and transformation, we’ll see that your business is future-ready. And we’re here to work with you as your business evolves—that’s the C9 Communications difference.

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five stars

C9 has provided us with great product techology, IT consultation and advice that has lifted our telecommunications and network capabilities beyond our expectations. We continue to experience great service and support knowing that we are valued and important as customers of C9.

Zoran Radevski