All you need to know about VoIP and Unified Communication

Feb 1, 2022 | Blog


With the increase in broadband use, VoIP is now the trusted phone service choice for businesses. The technology uses analog audio signals and turns them into digital signals that transmit via the Internet. 

IP telephony is an incredible addition to the latest technology as today analogue is out, digital is in. Introducing C9 Communication’s powerful hosted PBX platform –  C9X is your new frontier in cloud-based telephony – a completely unified communications innovative solution to support your brand and business.

What is VoIP

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a proven phone technology that lets users place phone calls using the internet connection. Placing phone calls on much lower rates, who doesn’t want that?

This latest technology includes powerful features that you cannot enjoy on standard call service. You can take your traditional phone system to new heights by moving it into the cloud.

The technology brings a new experience of seamless, reliable, fast, and crystal clear calls.  C9X does much more for you than establishing calls. More precisely, we handle everything for you. You just plug in the phone, and that’s it!

How does VoIP work?

VoIP uses an Internet Protocol or IP. Your conversation exchanges using small internet data packets. These packets travel in less than one second through the Internet. 

The data packets travel between the VoIP provider and  IP landline phones. It also provides added useful functions, such as call recording, call forwarding, voicemail, and more.

Here are the four steps to how VoIP works:

  • The phone connects with the router or switch in your Local Area Network (LAN).
  • You dial a number, and your IP phone directs the VoIP service provider to call that other party.
  • The VoIP service provider puts your call through and exchanges the data packets from your phone.
  • Your phone converts the digital signal back into audio you can hear.

With C9 communication’s  IP Telephony , you enjoy  HD voice technology that delivers each call with a wider sound range. No frustration, no one repeating themselves – just an enjoyable experience every time you make a call.

VoIP Phones

C9 Communications the leading provider of VoIP phones Australia uses the voice over internet protocol by employing session control protocols. It involves the delivery of voice and multimedia over Internet protocol. The common terms associated with these IP phone systems are voice-over broadband, broadband phone, etc.

Via our unified communication mobile apps , all features of C9X is available on most modern smartphones to easily place calls over Wifi or 4G. It involves many advantages, along with inexpensive calls and cloud-based telephony features. 

PROS of VoIP Phone Systems

Digital systems are taking the place of analog in every field as it is more beneficial. Cloud-based telephony and IP phones are the modern solutions for IT-based businesses. 

  • High-quality sound
  • Lower costs
  • Call anyone worldwide
  • Remote ready
  • Cutting-edge features

Downsides of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phones Melbourne is a game-changer in streamlining business telecommunications. Of course, there are a few downsides of this technology too, but needless to say, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Emergency services limitations in the event of any power outages.
  • Dependence of a reliable internet connection 

However , C9 Communications offers full redundancy such as 4G backup and mobiles apps to ensure your business is always online. 

How to find a VoIP provider

Different companies provide cloud-based telephony in Australia. A commercial phone system adds reliability and credibility to a business. However, all VoIP service providers are not the same. You can decide based on your specific business needs and choose one that suits you best.

C9 Communications  is Australia’s leading IP landline phone and cloud-based technology provider. We provide easy-to-deploy, feature-rich, fail-safe, flexible, and reliable services backed by our 100% local expert voice engineers. 

You can enjoy exclusive Melbourne based premium support with unified communications, highly scalable solutions, infinite integration capabilities, and multiple sites connection. 

With C9 Communications various voice sultions , you can get:

Hosted Phone System C9X is our industry’s leading cloud-based phone system with advanced unified communications features to make it Australia’s next generation in smart and future-ready connectivity. Its packed with a lot of featurs like Auto Attendant , Call Park, Voicemail to Email to name a few. 

Unified CommunicationsC9X allows integrating several communication methods like voice , chat , video and file transfer within the organization via our mobile and desktop apps. Modern business staffing requirements demand multiple ways to connect in-office staff , remote staff , staff spread across states or even countries. With C9X Increase your business transparency and efficiency by bringing it all together in one system.

Microsoft Teams Calling – Connect and collaborate with high quality calling options to your Microsoft Teams application through direct routing. Use your existing phone number with total flexibility. Enjoy cloud-enabled Microsoft Teams calls. 

SIP TrunkingMake your business future-ready by taking the connecting on your on prem- phone system to C9X platform at low cost. Get connected with a private or public IP connection as per your business demands. Enjoy business SIP Trunk solutions at low cost.

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Inbound Services Innovative inbound call solutions and multiple branding capabilities and routing options. You get optimized customer interactions by combining professionally recorded messages on a unique number. Provide your customers with smart on-hold advertising.

Why choose a small service provider like C9 Communications for VoIP services?

The small service providers have the most cost-effective plans and provide several benefits with IP landline phones. They install and set up the IP phone systems within hours after agreeing with them.

A small service provider comes into the market with innovations and new ideas. Although a large company has more resources, they always chase big customers. Small providers treat every customer with robust customer service. 

Small service providers are agile enough to listen to every query. So, you can choose C9 Communications for VoIP phones in Australia as we always go the extra mile for you.


The truth is that VoIP phones are incredibly easy to use and set up for a business call or everyday personal use. As long as your internet connection is working, you can enjoy secure and reliable calls with VoIP. 

Get away from costly and unwieldy equipment and take it to the next level with C9 Communications cloud-based telephony – C9X. When you compare IP phone systems with traditional calling, you realize that it is quite inexpensive. So switch to VoIP and forget your old phone service with C9 Communications !

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